Zuma's lawyer: Zuma never said Hanekom was apartheid agent, just a 'known enemy agent'


- citizen.co.za | a month ago

Proceedings at the High Court in Durban have seen former president Jacob Zuma’s lawyers contending that their client had never actually said former minister Derek Hanekom was a double agent working for the apartheid regime.

They said that a tweet from Zuma, which he’s now facing a defamation suit for from Hanekom, was a reference to current events, and that when he’d referred to Hanekom as a “known enemy agent”, he’d meant it in a contemporary sense. Zuma’s counsel Muzi Sikhakhane argued that Zuma’s use of the word ‘known’ suggested only that Zuma and others were aware that Hanekom had been working to have Zuma removed as the president, in contravention of the ANC’s official line, and that he was working with the EFF.

He suggested that anyone claiming Zuma had actually been calling Hanekom an apartheid spy was committing a leap of logic that couldn’t be backed up.

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