Zondo probes parliament as eight shunned MPs resign


- biznews.com | 3 months ago

One has to admire the work veteran parliamentary correspondent Marianne Merten has put into decoding MPs and former cabinet minister’s resignation benefits here.

It all goes to bolster her argument that a solid cash payout for an ANC MP will trump the much-vaunted cry of serving wherever they’re deployed, every time. Excluded from cabinet with all the benefits they’d become used to, these MP’s conducted the very same exercise Merten has here (for selfish versus public service reasons), and decided that a cute little hop off the parliamentary train will serve them best.

Of course, in several of these eight cases, the public will heave a sigh of relief in the near-certain knowledge that the ruling party would be hard put to find replacements as inept, dysfunctional or worse.

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