Spy tweet did not refer to Hanekom, Zuma's lawyer argues


- businesslive.co.za | 5 months ago

Former president Jacob Zuma’s advocate says the reaction of Twitter users to Zuma’s tweet that former minister Derek Hanekom was a “known enemy agent” cannot be considered the response of “a reasonable person”.

  Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane maintains that Zuma was not referring to Hanekom as an apartheid spy with that tweet, which Hanekom insists strongly insinuates that he was working for the apartheid state. Hanekom’s advocate, Carol Steinberg, maintains that, given that Zuma had described a foreign intelligence plot against him just a week before he tweeted about Hanekom, “any reasonable person” would interpret him as identifying Hanekom as an apartheid spy.

She further argued that Hanekom and his wife Trish, who are both in court on Friday for Hanekom’s urgent defamation case against Zuma, had been subjected to social media threats as a consequence of Twitter users believing that he was an apartheid spy.

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