Ramaphoria sweeps through Chiawelo, Soweto, secures majority vote


- city-press.news24.com | 5 months ago

Ramaphoria swept through Chiawelo yesterday at Hitekani Primary School voting station in Soweto, where President Cyril Ramaphosa cast his vote — and the the ripples were also felt in the backyard of DA leader Mmusi Maimane in Dobsonville.

When the station in Hitekani closed at 9pm last night the ANC had secured a comfortable three-quarter majority, getting more than 750f the valid votes counted in both the provincial and national ballots. Ramaphoria refers to the widespread perception that Ramaphosa had the pulling power to arrest the ANC electoral downtrend.

More than 700f the 1973 people registered to vote at the Hitekani station turned up to cast their ballot.

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