Racialisation rises as polls show record stay-away – Anthea Jeffery


- biznews.com | 4 months ago

CAPE TOWN — It’s surprising how astute analyses such as this are missed in a media-driven narrative where the ANC is the heroic party of liberation and the contribution of whites to the economy, infrastructure and institutions is gradually airbrushed out of history.

  Anthea Jeffery, Head of Policy at the Institute of Race Relations, says the rotting fruits of the ANC’s little-recognised commitment to a socialist future are increasingly keeping people away from the polls. Disenchantment with service delivery, lack of jobs and government dysfunction at all levels, are among the biggest drivers of the largest ever stay-away at the polls.

She cites figures to illustrate this, the irony being that the well-documented, widespread disenchantment hasn’t hurt ANC prospects much.

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