Parcel of Death great gift to the young

- | 5 months ago

If any of my children were to ask me to recommend a list of books about our liberation Struggle and some of its most influential figures, Gaongalelwe Tiro's Parcel of Death would feature prominently on that list.

There are a number of factors that make this biography a must read. The most important is that it is a book about Onkgopotse Abram Tiro, the Black Consciousness Movement leader whose life was cut short at the age of 26 through a letter bomb sent to him in exile by apartheid security agents in 1974.

Despite the fact that Tiro was one of the prominent pioneers of the BCM which reignited the spirit of resistance against racial oppression following the demoralising suppression and banning of the ANC, the PAC and other liberation organisations in 1961, very little has been written of him.

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