Fedusa calls on Ramaphosa to reduce incoming 6th Cabinet


- algoafm.co.za | 8 months ago

The Leadership of the Federation of Unions of South Africa has appealed to President Cyril Ramaphosa to reduce the size of his new Cabinet, a process he is currently engaged in.

Fedusa says it firmly believes that a reduction of the 34 Cabinet Ministers to a more sustainable and rational one of only 25 Ministers will attempt to address the battling ravages of poverty, unemployment and inequality. It says the ballooning of the National Executive from 24 members at the dawn of democracy in 1994 to 34 Ministers at present, has not been accompanied by effective economic and administrative governance.

Fedusa says this is demonstrated by the persistence of violent service delivery protests that have often resulted in the loss of lives and wanton destruction of state property, infrastructure and assets running into billions of Rands.

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