Diamond mining company files R29,9bn claim against Presidency


- all4women.co.za | 3 months ago

A diamond mining company has filed a R29,9bn claim against President Cyril Ramaphosa and his government as a near three-decade-long dispute over expropriated diamond mining rights in Lesotho reaches South African courts again Josias van Zyl, managing director of Swissbourgh Diamond Mining, is arguing that South Africa is liable to pay him damages for, among other reasons, its “unconstitutional” and “unlawful” support in disbanding the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal at a SADC summit in 2014.

Van Zyl is the second plaintiff, with the first being the Burmilla Trust. The trust is the successor to the disputed mining rights held by various companies in the Swissbourgh group, including Matsoku, Motete, Orange, Patiseng and Rampai Diamonds.

‘Unconstitutional, unlawful and irrational’ In December 2018, the Constitutional Court ruled that former president Jacob Zuma’s participation in the decision-making process and “his own decision to suspend the operations of the SADC Tribunal was unconstitutional, unlawful and irrational”.

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