Deceits by S' African politicians responsible for xenophobic attacks – Umohinyang

- | a month ago

If some Nigerian citizens are alleged to be engaged in illicit business  why do you think the South African security apparatus has not brought them to book? I read somewhere that the President of the Nigerian Wives Association in South Africa, who herself is a South African citizen, said clearly that in most cases when reports were passed to the security agencies as regards the activities of drug barons, it is the same security agencies in connivance with these drug barons that will go back to report to those drug barons and mention the names of the informants and as a result of that the lives of the informants will become threatened.

So, I think it is uncharitable for the South African government to try to portray foreigners as being responsible for the crisis in their country. I think also that it is a failure on the part of the politicians who are trying to shift the goalposts because they have not been able to live up to expectation.

The continuous deceits by the politicians are the reasons why we are having these xenophobic attacks.

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