Cyril's near – 'Rubicon moment' approaches around cabinet

- | 8 months ago

CAPE TOWN — This is not quite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ‘Rubicon moment’ and the context is different to August 15 th , 1985 when PW Botha failed to live up to huge expectations that he would end apartheid and release Madiba.

  However, if Ramaphosa doesn’t reduce his cabinet significantly in a couple of weeks’ time, at the very least excluding alleged bribe takers and court perjurers, he’ll also have failed to live up to great expectations – which he’s had a huge part in creating.   He set up commissions that are blowing open corruption, nepotism and revealing how South Africa was largely run by a greedy, corrupt bunch of politicians, alleged civil servants and reprehensible businessmen.

He’s cleaned up the para-statals, SARS, and prosecuting authorities, is fumigating a dodgy police senior command, especially the intelligence branches.

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