ANC suspends WC treasurer over Iqbal Survé donation

- | 2 months ago

Western Cape ANC treasurer Maurencia Gillion has been suspended pending an investigation into her role in an R1 million donation given to the party by businessman and Independent Media executive chairperson Iqbal Survé.

Gillion stands accused of soliciting the donation, distributing the money and failing to return it after being told to do so by the party, TimesLive reports. Survè is said to have made the donation on Sunday, May 5 at an intimate but public gathering at a restaurant in Cape Town’s Silo District and chalked his donation up to his desire to “deepen democracy” through funding the feeding of volunteers and the transporting of voters to and from voting stations.

He said he wanted “nothing in return” but added that he believed it was important to enable people from less populated areas to get to voting stations.

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